How I Prepare For a New Semester

The new semester is right around the corner. Personally, I start back with classes Tuesday and I’m almost ready but still in the process of still getting ready. I most likely would have been ready if I wasn’t an RA , but I have door decs and a bulletin board to finish. Otherwise, I am very much a planner and I just wanted to share how I get ready for you all.

  1. Get Organized

This is probably the most obvious tip I could give but it is a lifesaver. When I say get organized, I mean organize everything. I organize my files from last semester, any papers from last semester if I didn’t already throw them away, MY ROOM, and my planner. My planner is pretty much my baby and my life revolves around it. There is a lot more to consider when organizing, such as if you are cooking, like I am, then you might want to have recipes on hand that you like and any cooking supplies that you might need.

2. Figure out textbook situation

I made the mistake my first semester of freshman year of having my textbooks pre-packaged through my university and let me tell you that I a mistake I will never make again. My textbooks were well over 600 hundred dollars some of which I didn’t need and others that were optional that I said I didn’t want but they insisted I needed. Now having gained some college wisdom I now buy my textbooks through Amazon unless it is only available through the school. Another tip is to double check that you can’t find a copy of the textbook online somewhere because I once found the newest version of one of my Biology class textbook online and saved myself $200.

3. Set goals

Setting goals is my best attempt at keeping myself on track for the semester and just my life in general. Most of my goals are similar to my New Year’s resolutions. I view resolutions more as a goal and something that is a work in progress rather than something you have to stick to every time even if I’m just starting out. This may be overkill but I set mini goals for my goals because it keeps me on track and there is just something so satisfying about being able to check stuff off your list.

4. Locate Classes

My classes are unfortunately all over the place and I have to walk across campus multiple times throughout the day but there isn’t much that much I can do about it. For me especially, I like to plan out which ways I am going to take to class and if there is time to swing by the cafe or our market.

5. Get supplies together

Once you know your schedule and especially once you have your syllabus is a great time to get all the supplies you are going to need for the class. I like to try and reuse the binders I had from the previous semester and just use loose leaf paper because sometimes you don’t use a whole notebook so you can save yourself paper and money. If you need anything specific for a class such as for art or a lab make sure you have it and set it out the day before the class so you don’t forget it.

6. Work Out

I can already hear the moans coming, yes I know I’m “crazy” for working out in college, but it has so many benefits. I like to work out in the morning before I go to class because it wakes me up and helps me to destress before I start the day. By working out I give myself a natural energy boost in the morning and helps me to start on a good note. Also, people usually don’t want to be up super early in the morning much less go work out in the morning sooo the gym is empty and it takes much less time to go through a workout.

7. Have fun and be grateful

This is probably one of the more important tips I can give because either way time is going to pass so you might as well try your best to be happy and just be grateful for the little things.

~Madison Stewart~

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