My Crazy Dream

Storytime! Or dream time I suppose lol. This is probably a weird post, but I figured you all might get a good laugh at the weird dream I had. I’m also not the type to remember my dreams ever since I have been at college.

So last night I had an extremely weird dream. This dream of all things began in the middle of what looked like a lake but was actually an ocean I’m guessing??? The reason I say that, is because me and this girl I happened to be swimming with, look over and there is a massive whale that is the length of about 5 schools buses. For some reason, I think to myself that this is the kind of thing you learn about in schools, not something you would swim with and has the potential to just swallow me whole in a matter of seconds. Someone pleeeease tell me why my first thought was just to sit there and remember the days of elementary school and how large some whales are… I guess my brain finally decided to work after a few minutes of being an idiot because then me and the girl I was with start swimming unhumanly fast towards the shore.

Yet another thing that made absolutely no sense to me in this dream was that me and this girl were holding hands as we speed swam to shore. Like what, am I dash from the freaking incredible? Can I just run so fast that I don’t even need to use my hands to swim? I mean I wish I could run that fast. I could eat as much as I want and then run it off in about 5 seconds.

Then once we were to shore we ran to this building in the middle of the woods, there were all of these people in the windows but not a single person was outside. Me and this girl being the smart people we are decided let’s go in… it’s like watching a scary movie and knowing something is about to happen to the main character but they are still clueless lol. We walk in knowing this is stupid and gets gathered into this room where the scenes from Divergent or something play out and we are going through all of these tests to determine intellect and strength and everything else.

But let’s not forget the romance. Oh no, you can’t have a dream without a little romance can you? Me and this girl, I still don’t know her name at this point, have been separated and I am now with this guy that looks a lot like Four. These tests continue to play out and shocker I’m what would be divergent in this situation. The plot of Divergent plays out and this guy figures out that I am “different” and he ends up protecting me from those that are against me.

Now here is where the twist comes in. A tornado comes through this building and tears it in two. I’m of course on one side of the building and he is on the other. Somehow I’m knocked unconscious but am still able to watch everything else that plays out. He fights to get through his half of the building and then starts his way up my side of the now destroyed building. I start to wake up with a raging headache. I decided in my confused state that I’m going to just jump into this lake thing next to the building. As I’m jumping, this guy attempts to pull me back but ends up falling into the lake with me.

At this point I wake up to thunderstorms outside and that’s the end of the dream.

I hope you enjoyed this random post and this really random dream.

Have a great day or night where ever you are! Have you ever had a really weird but kind of realistic dream? If so tell me in the comments so I don’t feel like a weirdo posting this lol.

~Madison Eran~



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  1. Hahaaa. Funny.


  2. 🤣 Have a nice dayyyy

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Thank you! You too!


  3. Heyyy! I have nominated you for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD!💜 You can check it out at


    1. Just M.E. says:

      Thank you so much! I will check it out soon


  4. perksofvari says:

    Haha this could definitely be a movie 😂 I’ve had a lot of weird dreams! Great post 👍

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Haha thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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