Realization: I’m Growing up Wayyy Too Fast

I’m not only saying this because time is flying by faster I ever could have imagined but because I’m more mature than I may have wanted to be at this age. My friends are freaking out and celebrating because they are all turning 21 this year and some are turning 22. I on the other hand am about to turn 20 which is a blessing and a curse. It’s good because I have that little extra year and all of my friends.

It has its downsides though because I am anyways and I mean always being called the baby. I also am continually invited to things I can’t go to. One of my favorite country singers (be thankful I can’t hear the groans or profanities because I’m sure some people have their own opinions about country) was performing at a bar down in Nashville but you had to be 21 which I am far from…

Then there is the fact that I seem to be more mature than other my age or just have an old soul in a way I guess. I mean if this says anything, I started my retirement account at 18 lol. I also love classical music and when I have the time read about 2 books a week.

There are just so many things I could talk about with this but I just had to talk to someone or just get my thoughts out there and out of my head.

I spend too much time thinking and it just makes me think of everything I’ve done in my 19 years and how I wish I would have done and learned so much more. With that said, I probably ahead of some people in the things that I have been blessed to do and I can’t be grateful enough. At the same time though I keep thinking about everything. Take high school for example, I have missed playing soccer and all of the team breakfasts, dinner, parties, car washes and everything else. I just keep thinking about everything I used to do because time is flying by at sonic speed or something.

I hope you all can relate to my little rant.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

~Madison Eran~




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  1. MissMillenial says:

    I can relate

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  2. hopelesswonderer says:

    there is so much pressure to grow up quickly at this age when in reality we need to stay as young as possible for the longest time x

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      I just don’t understand why there is such a push for kids and teenagers to grow up so quickly. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it


  3. o-li-vi-a says:

    I totally get this. I just turned 20 today, and I was having a little anxiety about it so I wrote it as the topic for my recent blog post! Do give it a read, I would be so so happy! 😀 Great writing! xx

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      I will and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈

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  4. emilyryann says:

    Enjoy your youth, and treasure every day you grow older. It’s a privilege some don’t get.💗 I’d love it if you checked out my latest blog:

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