Thrift Haul Part I + Outfit Inspo

I have a really amazing thrift store right near my college here in Kentucky. I would tell you the name but if I did you would figure out exactly where I go to school and considering it is a small small town it’s probably best not. All you need to know is that this place gives back to the community but also sells stuff at a really great price.

All of the following items were bought in one trip to the thrift store for a total of $13.25 for 12 items. The wool jacket was $7.75 and all of the rest of the items were $.50 each because they have a deal on sweaters and “blazers.”

Here are some inspo pictures I hope to draw ideas from or recreate to make outfits for these items.

Inspo Pictures

Black Peacoat

Green Sweater

Black Speckled Sweater

White/Cream Sweater

Blue Ombré Sweater

You get the idea from this outfit and I’m sorry about the bad quality.

Red and White Striped Sweater

Beige Striped Sweater

I imagine something kind of like this with jeans an booties.

Grey pullover

I honestly just got this because it’s warm and cozy and it’s just one of those sweaters you through on running out the door on the way to class.

Green & Camel Jackets

This is what I have in mind for most of these pieces. I am just kind of excited to play around with them. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

~Madison Eran~

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any of the outfit pictures, they were all taken from Pinterest and credit is due to the rightful owners.

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  1. You found some amazing things, and for so cheap!! Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran says:

      It’s my favorite thrift store ever! They always seem to have a lot of good items because it’s a small college town and people donate whatever they don’t want to take home.

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  2. Love your haul…have you had any luck or tried Thread Up. I’ve sent clothing in with a so-so return, but I want to actually look at what they have available.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran says:

      I’ve never tried Thread Up because I usually stick with this thrift shop because they are so cheap and you can usually find great items. I also want to try it out though because I’ve heard good reviews about it!

      Liked by 1 person

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