5 Low Key + 5 Out There Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Y’all Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away! You better get to planning or, you can keep reading and let me provide you with some date ideas.

Low Key Date Ideas

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  1. Cook Together
    1. We all have to eat at some point, whether you do that in the comfort of your own home in comfy clothes or out at a fancy restaurant dress up is up to you. Maybe your significant other doesn’t want to go out or didn’t make the reservations before your favorite restaurant booked up. No biggies, just have fun and cook a meal together. Cooking a meal together can be super romantic especially if it is something you don’t do together often. Once you are done cooking, cuddle up on the couch and watch a new movie or your favorite tv show together.
  2. Go For a Nice Long Walk
    1. Well, that is if you aren’t being hit by the polar vortex hitting most of the U.S. If the weather is nice or bearable I suggest taking a walk around the neighborhood or at your favorite park. Wherever you enjoy looking at just talk a stroll together and catch up on all of the things left unsaid that you don’t normally have the time or choose to talk about (the good things of course). Reminiscing about the old days is a great way to kindle the fire or light a new spark in a relationship.
  3. Bubbles and Bubbly Anyone?
    1. Whether it is a bathtub or a hot tub either one is great to relax and casually sip champagne or wine. I personally love myself a good sangria but to each their own. This is something so simple but also so sensual and romantic. It is nights like these you will remember!
  4. Board Games
    1. Board games are great to have a relaxed and playful night filled with laughter. Bonus points if you have your favorite snacks on-hand so you don’t have to leave the house. I miss the days of Monopoly & Sorry. It is just not something we do nowadays.
  5. Camp Out in Your Living Room
    1. The days of blanket forts are not over! Together make a super comfy nest that you can kick back and watch your favorite movies in. You could even combine all of the previous ideas with this idea for an epic at home date night!
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Out There Date Ideas

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  1. Dinner & A Movie
    1. Dress up in your fancy clothes and dancing shoes and head out to your favorite restaurant. Obviously, if it is a super popular place make reservations so you aren’t waiting the night away. I am a sucker for anything food, so if I was looking to spend money, this is a great idea. Then, to top it off, head over to the theaters and catch the new feature film!
  2. Spa Day
    1. I’ve never been to a spa, but it is on my bucket list, so this sounds like another great idea. What is more soothing than laying next to your significant other while rubbing out all of the tension you’ve been carrying around. Lastly, if your man will tolerate it get a facial or even a mani-pedi.
  3. Comedy Show
    1. I’ve been to comedy shows while on cruise ships and they are a surefire way to bring each other together as well as to learn more about them. What is funny to them is more than often based on their life experiences which can open up a way to learn more about them on a deeper level. Plus if it is at a comedy club, there is nothing better than a glass of wine and an appetizer platter!
  4. Concert
    1. This is another pretty far out there idea, but it is something I think would be an amazing way to spend your valentine’s day. I love concerts because they usually put me in my feels or just a really good mood which usually leads to a very loving mood. If you or your partner are anything like me, it sounds like a win-win kind of night!
  5. Brewery Tour or Wine Tasting
    1. I really enjoy tasting all of the different drinks that are out there as do many others. Here in Kentucky, there are a lot of breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Just take your pick and you are guaranteed a good night. My personal favorite is a place called Huber’s across the bridge in Indiana. They have great wine, cheese/meat platters, and musicians.
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I hope you enjoyed and if you decide to do any of the ideas I mentioned, let me know! Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!

~Madison Eran~

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  1. Nice tips
    If only I were younger… 😉

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