Guilt-Free, Low-Calorie, & Low Budget Snacks

Whether you are staying up late to work in your side hustle, finishing an assignment, bingeing a Netflix series, or any of the other countless reasons you might be staying up late, I think we are all well-aware of how real late night munchies are. If you are gonna do it and you know you are gonna do, be prepared and have some healthy but cheap snacks on hand.

So, here are some late night snack ideas that won’t break your wallet or your waistline.

#1 Hummus and pretzels

Source: Pinterest @Pretzel Crips

Hummus is full of healthy proteins that will fill you up fast. You can just buy a bag of pretzels and a container of hummus if you have self-control. If you are more like me and might Ned up eating the whole bag and container I would suggest the preparations servings. Most grocery stores, supermarkets, and campus markets carry these small hummus and pretzel snacks that can fit just about anywhere.

#2 Low-calorie Popcorn

Source: A Touch of Southern Grace

Popcorn is the ultimate late night snack and never seems to disappoint, but you can feel even better about choosing this as a late night snack when it’s so low in calories. So many different brands are coming out with new flavors of this low calorie treat so it will satisfy any sweet, salty, and even savory craving!

#3 Apples and Nut/Peanut Butter


This is a flashback to my elementary school days, but nevertheless I still love this snack. Apples and a nut butter have been a go to of mine for a longtime because not only will it help to fill you up, but the apple will help keep you hydrated beloved it or not. Any form of nut butter is also gonna be high in protein and healthy fats that will help to keep you feeling full and satisfied! Plus with all of the varieties of apple you can decide if you are leaning towards sweet or sour.

#4 Healthy Ice Cream


The weather is finally warming up, we’ll sort of, it kind of depends on where you live. For those of you in warmer climates there is warmer weather and more daylight thanks to the time change. So… this can only mean one thing…ice cream! And with new alternatives to calorie-dense and dairy-dense frozen treats popping up every day, you can still enjoy this summertime favorite without killing the summer body you have been working hard for!

With all of these healthy options and the countless more out there, there is no reason to say no to a late night snack indulgence. So work hard, study hard, and binge hard if it’s one of those nights!

~Madison Eran~

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