My Wedding Inspiration Board ~ Wedding Wednesday

Creating a Pinterest board was one of the first things I did after getting engaged. This is probably a duh statement because most of us have our whole life planned out on Pinterest. I know I’m not the only one that has pins for decorating a house I don’t even own yet. Heck, I know plenty of people that already have their whole wedding planned out and aren’t even in a relationship.

What I’m getting at is that you can plan your life, and you can certainly plan your wedding on Pinterest. With that said, in about one afternoon I had created a board with over 500 pins detailing out most aspects of our wedding. Creating a Pinterest board is a fantastic way to see all of your thought in one place to see if it creates a cohesive theme.

I have difficulty putting our theme into words. What I have created in my mind pulls aspects from several other themes. So, I would describe our theme is romantic, slightly bohemian, garden party, and rustic all combined into one. Our colors are dusty blue, navy, whites, greenery, and copper/rose gold accents.

I have taken several pins from each of the sections of my wedding Pinterest board in order to provide you with an idea of what I included and maybe you want to include in your board(s) as well.

Venue Inspiration



Bridesmaids and Groomsman

Cake and Desserts

Dream Dresses

Picture Ideas I Would Like Captured

These are some of the main categories I wanted to share with you guys. If you want to see all of the pins I have saved, feel free to check out my board I Do Day on Pinterest. I am constantly adding pins on there and then transferring the ones I actually plan to use to my private wedding board full of folders.

I really hope you guys enjoyed and may be found some ideas for your own wedding! Also, if you guys can think if a more condensed version of how you would classify the theme I am going for, please let me know, your girl needs help. Lastly, if you made a wedding inspiration board for your own wedding on Pinterest, please share in the comments because I would love to check it out.

I hope you have a lovely day or night whenever you are reading this!

~Madison Eran~


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  1. Mimi says:

    The floral look so beautiful! Such a stunning bouquet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran says:

      I know right! I need to educate myself on the seasons of the flowers used in those bouquets to make sure they are available! Thank you so much for ready I really appreciate it ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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