Completely Over My Clothes

Recently I have fallen out of love with most of the clothes I own. Usually, when I’m getting ready it’s just a quick 5 minutes or less to pick out an outfit I like, and now I change a good three or more times and still don’t completely love the outfit, I end up with. With that said I am going to be selling and donating a lot of my clothes!

The first step in this process was going through and making a donation pile and a sell pile. If I haven’t worn it in a long time, I longer like the way it fits, I keep saying I’ll fix it, or if I am just not completely in love with it, then it has to go.

I currently have around 3 trash bags full of clothes I am going to sell and another bag and a half that I plan on donating.

By selling and donating these clothes, I have the money to be able to replace them with an item that I actually do love. Drop by your local thrift stores because you can get some really good deals on staple items.

My Poshmark username is madisoneran so feel free follow and see if you can find some new items for yourself.

I am currently selling jerseys for a family who lost their son so if you know anyone who loves jerseys, please tell them about them, please. I will have clothes other than jerseys up as soon as I can sell a few more of my jerseys.

~Madison Eran~

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Photo credit belongs to Samantha Hammock on Pinterest.


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  1. thivyakmusic says:

    Ahh I totally can relate to how you’re feeling at the moment! I went through a similar phase and it’s so refreshing to throw out the clothes that are just taking up space for no reason. It also helps refine your style so eventually you have a wardrobe that you 100% love!
    (Adore your blog by the way, keep it up!) xx

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    1. Madison Eran says:

      Awww thank you! I really appreciate that! ❤️


  2. says:

    We have thr Same theme for the blog ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran says:

      That’s awesome I’ll totally have to check out your posts!


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