The Start of Wedding Wednesday Posts + Our Engagement

Hi there! If I hadn’t told you yet, I’m engaged! I have now been engaged for a few months and I have learned quite a bit in that amount of time but I have also had a lot of experiences I want to share. For most of us, I’m sure we have dreamed of our weddings since we were little girls and there are a lot of expectations we have for what is supposed to be the “best day of our lives.”

I want to help you make you wedding everything you have dreamed of and your marriage everything you might not have planned for yet. Prior to getting engaged, my fiance and I participated in premarital counseling and I personally believe it has helped set us up for not just an amazing wedding day, but an amazing marriage. This is a topic for another Wednesday though!

Let’s get to the part that most of you are trying to skip to anyways. My fiance and I had been dating for 4 years when he proposed. We are those sappy high school sweethearts that met in high school and then went to college with each other. I want to give you guys the full story of how we met and then the engagement so that you can appreciate why the engagement was so special.

We met at a high school soccer game. We are funny enough both goalkeepers. I was at the game to support my high school’s men soccer team and he was there to support a friend he had on the opposing team. A teammate of mine dragged me to the concession but to my surprise it was actually to meet this guy she was secretly trying to set me up with. Let me tell you, it was not love at first sight or first experience! I wasn’t exactly looking for a guy at the time and she sprung this meeting on me after a long day of school and then practices. So she brought me over to meet this guy, but he didn’t even know what she had planned so we both awkwardly said hi and then went our separate ways.

Thankfully, he can be pushy when he wants something and asked my teammate for me number. Later that night, he reached out asking if we could have a redo and if he could actually take me on a date. For some reason, I said yes! That next weekend we had our first date at the park by his house which was where my other team practices. We kicked a ball around for an hour or so and then took a walk down this trail by the river.

Little did I know, this river trail would become one of our favorite places and would end up being where he proposed. But I’m getting ahead of myself haha. The entire weekend leading up to the proposal was an absolute dream. We went to the local winery and had a wine tasting for two and then shared their signature pumpkin nut ice cream. As we were leaving the winery, we actually sat and watched a couple taking their wedding portraits in the vineyard. It was really sweet moment and we had joked about how that would be us soon enough.

Later that night we had dinner with my family at a new pizzeria in the arts district which is in the same complex we had his senior prom.

The next day we took a day trip with family to Berea, Kentucky which also has a pretty artsy culture. We spent the day there having lunch at this amazing ramen restaurant and exploring the arts festival. That night when we got back home he asked if I wanted to go on a walk in the park, to which I obviously agreed. I’m sure you can see where this is going… My boyfriend at the time led me through the park to our beloved river trail which is where he dropped to one knee. That’s where things become a little fuzzy because I had been thinking he might propose this whole weekend and I just figured he was waiting until a later time. He actually surprised me and it was so emotional that neither of us knows exactly what was said other than that he did the dang thang!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. I also hope you are excite for all of the wedding content that will be coming out over the next year or so. We are from a big city and we are also having a larger wedding, so that combine with us finishing school kind of necessitated us having a longer engagement. I hope you come back next Wednesday for more wedding content! If not, non-wedding related blog posts are released every Sunday.

I hope you have a lovely day!

~ Madison Eran ~


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