Activities to Celebrate the Autumn Season

While Autumn only really began today, I have already been celebrating the season due to our unseasonably cool weather where I live for a few weeks.

I love all seasons, but my husband likes to say that if I were a season, I would be autumn. To me, autumn is the start of the end of the year and a time of change. It is a season to take in all the small details and all I have to be grateful for. I have always loved this season of small daily changes to your surrounding. Getting to observe the day in, day out the changing colors of the leaves and the slight crispness of the air compared to months pasts makes me happy and slightly nostalgic. While autumn might just be my favorite season, I love them all for their uniqueness. So, let’s celebrate the season, here are several activities to embrace autumn for all it has to offer:

Cook seasonal recipes.

I genuinely love some of the cozy and hearty meals the autumn brings. Pumpkin or butternut soup with pepitas sprinkled on top is a favorite of mine. My husband loves meals like chicken pot pie and those more southern staples. I also believe that autumn is the season for soups and a lot of baking.

Visit a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard.

It may very well be the nostalgia of visiting a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard that brings such happiness, but this is a must-do every autumn for me. Using fresh apples to make so many fall delights, such as apple pie, apple crumble, apple cider, or apple tart. Then toasting the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins you’ve likely carved in some spooky way.

Cozy up to a bonfire.

Something about the sound of a crackling fire and that sweet yet smoky smell brings me back to my childhood and some of my favorite memories. We so often rush through life that we fail to enjoy the more simple things such as the warmth from a fire. I hope you take the time to cozy up to a bonfire or next to a fireplace. If neither of these is possible for you then I would recommend enjoying an evening illuminated by candlelight.

Decorate your home with fall foliage and other nods to autumn.

I often find that nature provides ways to decorate the season. For a short while, we had a crabapple tree in our yard that was in need of pruning which made for a beautiful and natural nod to autumn. Look around your home and your town and you may very well find ways to decorate your home from the nature around you. Think dried hydrangeas or other florals, pine cones, acorns, bare branches and so much more.

Host a dinner with family or friends.

Autumn I find is a season in which gratitude and thankfulness are ever-present. What better way to show your friends and family how thankful you are for them to be in your life than by spending time over a homemade meal?

Read an autumnal or spooky book.

Books have always been a way to transport you to another time and place. Look at your local library, thrift store, or bookstore for books that embrace the season. Some of my personal favorites this year have been Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, any book in the Harry Potter series, and Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber.

Go for a drive or a bike ride and take in the fall foliage.

The colors seem to change by the hour somedays and personally
I find there is no better way to soak in the fall foliage. Or if you really enjoy a slow pace like I do and have a safe place to walk and explore, take a nice long walk outside.

Visit your local farmers’ market.

By this time of the year, the growing season is often the end. The farmers are bringing in the last harvests of summer fruits and vegetables and now come bearing beautiful squash, gourds, leafy greens, and pears. I have always found shopping at the farmers market to be a much more enjoyable experience than my grocery store, it can often be more affordable, and provides the most flavorful produce.

Be intentional about connections with family and friends. Call that person you have meant to reach out to for weeks or months.

Take a moment to sit back and take in the season and all that you are grateful for.

As I briefly touched on earlier, I believe gratitude is everpresent in this season. The holidays are starting to ramp up and all ads are focused on the new things you just have to have. Take a reprieve from looking outward at all that is available or others have and just look around you taking note of all that you have to be grateful for.

I truly hope you try out at least one of these autumnal activities. What do you do to celebrate the season? I would love to hear from you guys down in the comments. I hope you have a lovely day!

~ Madison Eran ~


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