My “Fairytale” Wedding

With the royal wedding having occurred in the past couple of days I have been asked what my “fairytale” wedding is. I say “fairytale” because that is how the royal wedding has been described. I am in no way saying that it wasn’t, I watched like the inner little girl I am. I feel like most little girls dreamt of what their wedding was going to be like from a very young age. Someone I wasn’t one of those girls.

I never put any thought into it until Pinterest came along honestly. Watching the royal weddings has also made me put some thought into it what I want my wedding to be like as well. I am happy for the couple as controversial as that might be . I also enjoyed the little touches they were able to put on the wedding. I have to say my favorite part were the flowers Harry picked for his wife’s to be bouquet in memory of his mother.

I hope there is as much thought and detail put into my wedding one day. In my opinion there were a lot of really sweet moments sprinkled throughout the ceremony. With that said you will probably see a trend throughout these pictures:

(All pictures are from a Pinterest and all photo credits goes to those to who it is due)

Wedding Dresses:



Venue Related:

I’d love to know what you hope your wedding will be like? Or, if you were already married what was your theme if you had one?

~Madison Eran~




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  1. emilyryann says:

    Your dream wedding looks so beautiful! I love all the lights and the colors. My perfect wedding would be in the fall, small and intimate with family and close friends, and romantic/elegant.😍💍 I’d love it if you checked out my latest blog:

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Your wedding sounds wonderful, I’ve never wanted a large wedding either. Your last blog post was also great, I hope more people read it!


  2. perksofvari says:

    To be honest I’ve never really wanted to get married but this looks amazing and the first dress is gorgeous 😍 If I did end up getting married I’d love a theme like this!! Lovely post 🎊☺️

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  3. hopelesswonderer says:

    men always say how women become crazy brides but if there is one day to be the most extra its your wedding day!! these are great choices 🙂

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  4. Your dream wedding looks beautiful and you have really thought about everything. So pretty! X

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Thanks for checking it out, I will have to check your blog out soon!

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      1. Sophie says:

        Hey Madison!
        Do you remember the name or designer of the dress on the second photo? I totally fell in love with it! I need to know what its name is!
        Please let me know!
        Thx, Sophie


        1. Madison Eran says:

          It was actually from a dress designer on Etsy, the seller was AutumnSilkBridal. I am unsure if they still make dresses now. I wish you the best of luck!


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