The Minimalist Appeal

I am writing this while cleaning out my room on my break from college. As I was cleaning out my room I had about 2 bags worth of clothes to donate, another 2 almost 3 bags of random items to donate, and a bag of trash. I promise you I am not a hoarder, or is that something a hoarder would say? Anyways, I never really understood why minimalism had became so popular. All I saw was that people were just throwing or giving away the things they had worked so hard for.

I was and am an avid reader and so for some reason I have felt the need to keep all of the books I have ever bought and read. I wish you all could have seen me, I was sitting amongst book piles 20 high scatter all around my room. It was in this moment that I decided I was going to get rid of half or more if I felt I was able to.

It felt pretty fricking good to get rid of stuff I have held onto for so long. I am probably no where close to a lot of people who claim to be minimalist which is why I don’t claim to be. I am just here to say I have seen why minimalism has been so popular.

Not only was it a weight lifted off my shoulders but it was a weight lifted off my house. My mom always jokes how out house creaks because we have so much stuff and it breathes a sigh of relief every time we get rid of more stuff. Turns out she might be right.

By getting rid of old stuff and stuff I felt I no longer needed, it made it easier to breathe for some reason. There was just less to think about because there was less to worry about. It also made cleaning a lot easier.

Hopefully this wasn’t completely random and scatter brained.

Also! I decided that I am going to challenge myself to post everyday for the next 2 weeks! I hope you all are excited?!

Have a great day!

~Madison Eran~




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  1. emilyryann says:

    I have a couple posts relating to minimalism on my blog! The concept honestly changed my life and who I am as a person. It’s important to remember material items are not going with us when we leave. Thanks for sharing!😊 I’d love it if you checked out my latest blog:

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  2. Nina BW says:

    I always feel great after clutter clearing. I like this quote from Gretchen Rubin: “Outer order contributes to inner calm’. It really works for me 🙂

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      I really like that quote

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  3. bentokai says:

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