Christmas Decoration Inspiration

I think we both can admit we spend too much time on Pinterest. Might as well narrow it down so that we can find decorating ideas for each area of our homes and apartments in on place. If I had my own place I would love to try out any and all of these decorations even though I think my bank account might divorce me if I did that. So, for now I will just decorate my parents house as much I am allowed and share all of these idea with you!

Let’s start with wreaths and other outdoor decorations because that is what you first see when you first walk up to your place.

Outdoor Decorations

Fireplace Decorations

Kitchen Decorations

Little Other Decorations

I had though about putting a section for Christmas trees and just each specific area of a home but I believe too should put your own touch on things. So, there are pictures of ways of decorating I would want to incorporate into my place. I hope you enjoyed and happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

~Madison Eran~


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  1. rorokdesigns says:

    lovely post! I love those pine cone inspo pics! xx

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  2. aerowrite says:

    What a great roundup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran says:

      Thank you so much! I love Christmas and Pinterest, so it was only fitting!


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