Getting Back to Myself

Hi there! Long time no post and I am so sorry for that. In the wake of the pandemic, I did not know how to adjust my blog as anything I typed seemed to be inconsiderate of the situation that I, along with all of you were experiencing. Additionally, I have gone through so many life changes in these past two years that I am quite frankly not the same person as I used to be.

During my absence, I have continued to write blog posts that would never and likely will never see the light of day. I feel as though I have grown so much as a person in these last two years. While I was gone, I graduated college, have completed my dietetic internship, have nearly finished and graduated from my graduate program, have purchased a house, and have recently gotten married within the last two years. Needless to say, many things have changed. Quite frankly, nearly everything in my life has changed. I am currently writing a get to know the new me post as I have changed so much that the previous content of my blog does not entirely reflect who I am anymore and I intend to change the content to reflect more of who I am now.

I hope you guys can understand where I am coming from as it is only natural for a person to change throughout their life. As a Greek philosopher once said:


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