Health + Wellness + Overall Wholesome YouTube Channels to Watch

You are what you consume whether this is nutrition or media related, so might as well make sure you are consuming wholesome and beneficial content. I am a self-proclaimed YouTube fanatic. In fact, I don’t pay to watch any streaming services and primarily use YouTube as my go-to source of entertainment. Why do I tell you this you may ask? Well, I have to give evidence as to why you should take me at my word and test out some of the channels I am going to mention.

Let’s just jump right on in shall we?

Carrie Rad

Carrie Rad is just an overall wholesome and happy presence on YouTube. Here in the past couple of years, she and her husband move to New Zealand from Los Angles. After much searching, they landed on a 2.5-acre homestead. As such, much of her content focuses on their home, the land, gardening, and their animals. She also frequently talks about self-care, self-growth, self-improvement, self-love, slower living, and overall tips and tricks to live a happier and healthier life that you love. She has become a go-to channel for me when I want a pick-me-up or a relaxing video.

Allison Bickerstaff

I would say both Allison Bickerstaff and Carrie Rad are very similar in regards to the feeling you get when watching their videos. I should also mention that I find both of their channels very informative from time to time. Allison produces a fair mix of vlog-style and more sit-down or produced videos. You can frequently find a variety of garden, cooking, travel, seasonal, and home decor videos on her channel. She is also just a very joyful person which you can’t help but feel when watching her videos.

Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed is another person who is quite similar to both Allison Bickerstaff and Carrie Rad. You will often find vlog-style content and self-improvement/self-care-related videos on her channel. Additionally, she generally includes a fair amount of travel, cooking, home, and health and fitness-related videos as well. Yet again she is another person with a positive outlook on life. For those of you who share her Christian value, there is also some faith-based content interspersed as well. However, for those of you who may not share her same faith beliefs, she is very welcoming to all and I don’t find her content to be overly faith-forward.

Michel Janse

I would say Michel’s content is a little different from that of Carrie, Allison, or Michelle, but what she does share is that very wholesome and happy personality that just seeps into all of her content. Her content contains a wide scope from travel, home life, cooking, daily life, thrifting, self-care, and overall just creating a life that is healthy for you and makes you happy. She also has celiac disease, so for all of those who may also look for celiac/ gluten-safe restaurants and tips for them eating gluten-free.

So, next time you are scouring the internet for a happy and wholesome channel to watch, I hope you try out any of these four wonder human’s channels. I would love to know what you think if you have ever watched these channels! Or, if you have any recommendations for similar channels please feel free to comment below as I would LOVE your recommendations!

As always, I hope you have a happy and wholesome day!


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