Simple & Free Self-Care Ideas You Can Do at Home

In recent years, I have come to learn that your mindset makes or breaks your day. Thankfully, your mindset is something you get to control. Whether you have had an amazing day or a hard day, I think we can all agree that sometimes we just want to recharge for one reason or another. These self-care ideas are all intended to help you truly recharge and rest while staying cozied up at home. These ideas also shouldn’t cost you a penny!

1.Take a hot bath or shower.

2. Enjoy a night away from your phone and technology.

3. Cozy up with a fiction book.

4. Journal or write a list of things you are grateful for.

5. Clean your home, I know this sounds crazy to some, but I find so much peace in a clean home.

6. Bake something!

7. Make a master to-do list so you can clear your mind.

8. Create a vision board.

9. Move your body in whatever way is enjoyable to you.

10. Relax with a movie or tv show.

11. Write a friend, family member, or a significant other a letter expressing your love and gratitude for them.

12. Declutter your closet, no need to hold onto clothes that don’t fit you or you no longer love.

13. Facetime or call a loved one.

14. Re-arrange your home. I can’t be the only who absolutely loved to do this as a child and even to this day when possible.

15. Do something artsy! Get out all of those old hobby supplies or even your kids’ arts and craft supplies and enjoy time spent coloring, drawing, or painting.

16. Watch sunset or sunrise.

17. Write down all of those bucket list items that you keep thinking of.

18. Do your laundry, especially your towels and sheets! There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with freshly laundered linens.

19. Organize your digital space.

20. Spend time in the fresh air whether this means opening your window or sitting outside.

21. Find a quiet place to pray or reflect/meditate for those who aren’t necessarily religious.

22. Put on your favorite music and have yourself a dance party. I promise you are never to old to dance.

23. Visit a museum online. Google Arts & Culture has several virtual tours of museum you may otherwise never see. Big bonus is that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home in your comfiest clothes.

24. Paint your nails, put on a face mask, or just pamper yourself in ways you may not otherwise prioritize.

25. Create playlists specifically tailored for you and your various moods or occasions. I love being able to pull up a playlist for when I’m cooking, relaxing in the bath, or exercising and those playlists are all incredibly different from eat other.

I hope you enjoyed these 25 self-care ideas that you can do at home and for free (or relatively cheap).

As always, I hope you have a happy and wholesome day!

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