Spring Looks I Am Loving Right Now

This is a more lighthearted post that I am excited to share with you guys! Here recently, I have really fallen out of love with most of my closet and my current “style.” I say style loosely as I pretty much have dressed how ever I wanted for as long as I can remember with no regard for what style I may fall into. If I liked it, was comfortable in it, and felt as though it fit me well, then I wore it. More recently though, I have not felt comfortable in my clothes for many reasons. One being that a lot of my clothes no longer fit me the way I would like. The other is that I have been in a season of change, and I no longer have any particular style that feels like myself.

So, I am currently in the process of rediscovering myself and my current style as well as what I feel comfortable in.

Here are some looks that I am currently loving and want to try and recreate:

Credit: Rosie Ratch on Pinterest

Spring here in Georgia seems to be anything from 30 degree mornings to 90 degree afternoons, so it seems like just about any outfit could be classified as a spring outfit. This one seems like the perfect combination for a cooler 50-60 degree day. Not entirely sure how I feel about ripped jeans since I grew up being told it is inappropriate but I think it looks super cute for this outfit. I am also loving that pastel green knit for spring especially with the added texture.

Photo Credit: Meiling In College on Pinterest

Yet again we have the ripped jeans, but I just feel like it adds some spice to an otherwise very simply outfit. I also love that this look is super simple and likely would be easy to recreate with clothes I already own. It also just seems so effortless and like an outfit I would wear for running errands.

Photo Credit: Style Your Occasion on Pinterest

This whole outfit feels classy but also effortless enough she just threw it on to run out to the shop down the street. I’m not exactly a huge ballet flat person but changing those to mules or a white sneaker I think would still maintain the effortless chic look she has going on.

Photo: USA.Spell.co

Dresses like this just make me swoon. Okay… who actually thinks and then proceeds to write “swoon” in a blog post, I’m aging as I write this apparently. I’m thankful though that with time I have aged out of my tomboy era and have since found myself in the middle of my feminine era. I am here for all the pretty dresses, bonus points if they are cute and comfortable.

This whole outfit is just a yes for me. Not sure how I would personally look in yellow but this outfit embodies spring and I think it is very simple yet elegant. It makes me want to host a garden party in my back yard or have a picnic with my hubby after stopping by the farmers market.

Photo: Petalandpup.com

This is my ideal everyday outfit: simple but cute. It also just looks comfortable and as though you would have to worry if you bent over while running errands, chasing a toddler, etc. I also feel like this is another outfit that could be easily recreated with items already in my closet.

Photo: Lauren Taylor’s Lifestyle

This outfit kind of scream more fall to me with the maroon tone of the skirt and the brown suede booties, but overall I think the idea could be adapted for spring. Yet again I would switch out the shoes for a mule, white sneakers, or some sandals. I would also opt for a more spring colored skirt. If it was a cooler day out though, I still may very well wear something similar to this outfit and possibly switch the bootie for some short rain boots.

Photo: Sunaai.com

I’m sure some people may also say this is very fall to them, but to me it just seems like a cool weather staple outfit wether it be spring or fall. I really love the larger knit on this sweater which I have been seeking out at the thrift store and second had stores. I do need to stay away from gray though because I think I have at least 5 gray sweaters if not more. I we really love a good cream chunky sweater or even a more subtle pastel for spring.

Photo Credit: Sofia Offerdahl

While this is very similar to several of the other outfits I love the blue floral skirt paired with a tank top for those warmer spring days. This is a another outfit that feels like effortlessly feminine while being super comfortable.

Photo credit: Sophia Offerdahl

Yet another dress, but I am here for the flirty and fun back tie detail. I also love that the dress is overall neutral and despite the seemingly floral print, could be cute anytime of year.

Photo Credit: Sweet as Peaches Boutique

Not necessarily coastal grandma as the trend currently is, but it is certainly verging on cool coastal aunt. This is about as close as I’ll probably come to this trend.

Comfort is pretty much unmatched by any other outfit in my opinion. This is like cute yet acceptable pjs that you can wear all day so long as you dress it up properly with a few accessories and a pair of cute shoes. I also have a matching set that I could easily pull the pants from to recreate some tint similar to this outfit.

Photo Credit: Alexis Anthonyyy

My ideal spring date night attire. Everything about this outfit is romantic, flirty, and feminine. I definitely feel like this is more of a coastal outfit I would find on like Martha’s Vineyard or the Outer Banks, but regardless I love it.

Photo Credit: Girl’s Life Magazine

The silk hair scarf completes this outfit in my opinion, but the open back sweater certainly adds a nice touch so long as you have the proper bra to pair with it. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear the hair scarf as I am still new to my more feminine era, but I am certainly down to try it should I do happen to find one that speaks to me at the thrift store.

Photo Credit: Krista Perez

Last but certainly not least it a more casual everyday look that I find to be simple but still put together. It also plays on my more boho and relaxed style compared to that of some of the dress and “European summer-esque” style. Yet again the idea of this outfit is that it can be easily recreated with what I already own.

Thank you for reading and as always, I hope you have a happy and wholesome day!

~ Madison Eran ~


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