Charleston Day 3

Compared to the other days, this was a lot more relaxed. The weather wasn’t that great so while it was down pouring we just hung out at the house we were renting. To start out the day we went on a short beach walk and then checked out some of the touristy shops near the beach. One of them even had a parrot!

Walking back to where we had parked the car, we saw this little Thai restaurant and my friend and I both have a small addiction growing towards Thai food. We had lunch there and because it started pouring again we ended up going back to the house and had a good mount of down time.

I don’t want to bore you all with the boringness that was us for the majority of the day and so I’m just going to skip to what we did at night. There are stands all throughout Charleston with brochures on things to do. There is a lot of history in Charleston as well as a lot of ghost stories and so we decided to go on a ghost tour.

To set the seen about 20 minutes prior, there were thunderstorms, torrential down pour, and come to find out possible tornado weather. We didn’t know this at the time but we weren’t the only ones to brave the crazy weather to go on this ghost tour.

We needed up pushing the tour back by 20 minutes to avoid being drenched. We ended up waiting on this pub called The Griffon and it was really cool. Lining the walls and pretty much every surface of the building were signed dollar bills from people that had been there.

The tour ended up just being the tour guide, the two of us, and a mom and her older daughter. I’m was quite eerie because the fog was really thick and it was just the five of us walking down these creepy alleys and streets.

The first story was pretty short. This new doctor was sent over to Charleston with new knowledge and obviously if you are the old doctor, you don’t want the new doctor taking your business now do you. So the old doctor steered everyone away from the new doctors practice and ultimately the two go into a fight and the new doctor challenged the old doctor to a fight in this alley which then led to a dual on the outskirts of the city. When it came down to the dual, they took their steps and turned ready to fire, the old doctor gave the new doctor the first shot. When it was the new doctors turn to fire at the last second he jerked his hand and missed the old doctor. You can probably see where this one is going but ultimately the old doctor killer the new doctor and so there is a side alley in Charleston that is said to have heard random gun shots coming from.

As we continued down these back alleys and street he told us another story. As a student in college him and his roommate decided to save money and live in what they said was a shack basically. It was right next to the projects and this old church. His roommate called him into the living area and asked why he was making so much noise and pacing around before. The stopped talking but the pacing noise continued, they didn’t know what it was but they thought it was weird. They both worked at some little repair type shop and had mad friends with one of the regulars around there. After a couple months, they had the conversation about where they were living and they told her where they lived and the weird noises they keep hearing. It was at that moment she told them they had to move and that she would even help them. As it turns out back in he day when the British attempted to take over Charleston, they had won over the magazine which is where the Charlestonians kept all their gun powder and guns and the British were guarding it obviously. One day it randomly exploded killing all those in a quarter mile radius and leaving a crater in the ground. They said it was the day it rained blood. The church next door was permanently stained red with blood in some spots after that. Even till this day the stains haven’t come out and they have since repainted it white countless times. The noise our guide and his roommate had been hearing was rumored to be the British guards stationed to guard to magazine because they are forever to walk around guarding the magazine.

The last story I will share is the one of these pirates that had been capturing and ransoming people from the outskirts of the city. Eventually the mayor had to do something about it because of how serious it became. So he put out a ransom to whoever could capture these pirates. The pirates were captured and the major kept them in prison until it was the right time. You might ask what the right time is, and that was until the most amount of people would be in the city. They waited till the right time and hung all 12 pirates in the park by the Battery. These pirates still reek revenge on people as it turned out every 2-3 years a person shows up dead I the park strangled or even just a skeleton because this was how the pirates were killed. It is because of this that it is actually ILLEGAL to be in the park by the Battery after dark to prevent more deaths.

Some of you might have noticed there was not a post put up last week and this is because I had this one scheduled to be posted and I my mind I thought it posted it for you… dumb, I know. I apologize, I also really haven’t been on here much this past week because my life got super busy with school. I’m really sorry if you all happened to be looking forward to it.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading!

~Madison Eran~




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