Basically 3 Weeks Without Technology~What I Learned

Long time no blog, I apologize.

Over the past 3, almost 4 weeks, I have had access to extremely limited technology. When I mean limited, I had no connection what so ever and so my only way to do anything was through someone else’s hotspot because I’ve been in the middle of no where with no cell service. The only time I have used the internet was for school to submit my assignments. Honestly, not really using technology or social media for these past weeks has been great and I can only imagine how nice it would have been if I hadn’t had school work to do.

The days seemed longer and I feel as though I got a lot more done throughout the day! It was also really nice to have an actual conversation with someone that wasn’t about the news or what they had saw on social media. Maybe it is just me, but I get bored having the same conversations with people. It was incredibly enjoyable to have a conversation about what some someone wanted for their future, things they have been struggling with, and just real life.

With that said, I wanted to share what I have learned over these past couple of weeks.

•You get a lot more done throughout the day.

•People ultimately seem happier without social media.

•Everyone has their own struggles whether they share them or not.

•Just being outside in the sunshine makes me immensely happier.

•I love the sound of nothing/nature.

•I learned to clear my head.

•It become easier to prioritize and reprioritize.

•I learned to RELAX (mostly).

The power is currently out at my house and my phone is about to die so I apologize that this is so short.

~Madison Eran~

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  1. Oh wow! I mean I really wanna try to go completely offline for maybe a week – but 3 almost 4 entire weeks. Wow that’s like from 0-100 in no time. But really interesting, and I really like that you listed all positive things about it – it definitely seems worth trying. Have a wonderful week xx

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Some of it wasn’t entirely by choice but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I don’t really believe there were any negatives.

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  2. toinspireus says:

    When I am focused on my blog, I only do youtube for motivational videos & audiobooks. I close all other social media tabs on my laptop because they are already connected to everything when I share my post as well as otthers. Before I started blogging I was so into social media always on someones timeline & into the t.v. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing!

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