BTS: Semester Goals

College is a great, but one thing I have learned over the years is that if you don’t have clear goals then you are going to let the semester and life in general pass you by. I tend to over commit myself to various things as a college student and will brush it off as it just being what I “have to do as a pre-med student” because a med school won’t want me if I just do a few things here and there. Being pre-med is also why I feel that it is so needed for me to make goals for my semester that are more than what is related to school. So, with that said, I figured I would share my semester goals with you all so that you have an idea as to what possible goals for you could be or just to inspire you to create your own:

  • Have at least some form of a study schedule.
    • It is very easy for me to study one topic and then either have to stay up all night to do the work I should have done or just skip it all together. I have found that something that works really well, is time blocking. Time blocking helps you to stay focused on the class or the assignment at hand for a certain period of time instead of trying to do three things at once. It also tend to be more effective because our brains are meant for focusing for around 20-30 minute time chunks.
  • Meal prep for at least half my meals for the week.
    • This is should be so easy and fun but sometimes I just get so busy that it seems as though I don’t have the time for it but in all truth I do, I am just making excuses and being lazy.
  • Attend one of each of the sporting events.
    • This should be an easy one, but my school is sort of small but its more so the fact that most of our teams aren’t the best and so it’s not as big of a deal as it would be at other universities. I would still like to go just for the experience and to support my school.
  • Try to find a good group of friends.
    • This has become increasingly hard because most of my friends went to other schools or the ones I have made at my school are just as bust as I am which makes it impossible to hang out ever. There just really is no grey area when it comes to whether or not I am bust, either I am drowning in stuff I have to do or have an entire day to myself that I don’t know what to do with.
  • Attend church more.
    • I understand this won’t be everyone’s thing but it took me a good year and a half to find a church that I truly enjoy and click with and I want to make it a priority to go more. Every time I go I am thankful that I went.
    • I literally have no excuse, none, the gym is literally ten steps away from my apartment… Exercise is my release and way to unwind and I also want to be as healthy as I can so that I live a long healthy life hopefully.
  • Try to actually enjoy being in college.
    • I don’t have that long left here, I’m already halfway done and I need to stop complaining about all of the things I chose to do and try to enjoy my time here as much as I can. I’ve learned over time that if you are a negative person it is not going to get better because your mindset doesn’t let you allow yourself to see or bring out the good.

I’m sure I will add a few more as time goes on, but for now these are my goals for the semester and I would love to hear yours as well!

Have a great day!

~Madison Eran~

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  1. Elihu says:

    Yes!!! Enjoy college because it’s so short and fast. It was the one time in my life when, in spite of all the demands of work and school, I felt free to do what I wanted. I could go meet a friend for coffee, sit on the beach and study, or just enjoy the solitude of a quiet evening. Those were crazy, stressful, beautiful years and I loved them. It was over too soon. Enjoy the crazy and definitely make time for God. 😊

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  2. Eva says:

    So you are currently in your pre med? Enjoy college since that would probably be one of the best moments of your life. Try to pace yourself in order to not burn yourself out. Try out the Pomodoro technique. It would be probably be of great help when it comes to studying since it worked quite well for me. Good luck in your endeavours.

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate the tip! Are/were you pre-Med?

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      1. Eva says:

        I finished my pre med a couple years back. So reading your blog did bring back fond memories. I also finished my medicine proper. I’m just taking a short break then next stop residency.

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        1. Just M.E. says:

          That awesome, what do you plan to do during your break? Also, where are you from?

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          1. Eva says:

            I’m planning on writing and on travelling. I studied without taking a break so I’m a little worn out. That’s the importance of pacing oneself haha. I’m from the Philippines. And you?


          2. Just M.E. says:

            I’m from the U.S. and that sounds like a good break.

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          3. Eva says:

            If you do get tired just remember the reason why started it all. Good luck in all your endeavours

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          4. Just M.E. says:

            Thanks and you as well!

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