7 Ways to Get Into a Healthy Routine

Are you looking for a refresh in your life? These 7 tips will help you to find ways to get yourself into a healthy routine.

4 Things to Do on Sunday for a More Productive Week

Someone I have slowly learned over the past couple years is that Sunday is really the first day of my week and it should be the first day of your week too! Sunday is a day to get things done so that the rest of the week can be as easy and relaxing as possible….

March Blogging Goals

I’m not gonna lie, February was a rough month for my blogging goals, I don’t think I even hit one of my goals for last month. School got into the full swing of things and I didn’t stay at my apartment any of the weekends in February which is typically when I like to write…

BTS: Semester Goals

College is a great, but one thing I have learned over the years is that if you don’t have clear goals then you are going to let the semester and life in general pass you by. I tend to over commit myself to various things as a college student and will brush it off as…

How to Handle a Busy Schedule

It is ironic that I am writing this at the moment because my life has been chaos, organized chaos, but still chaos. Now that I think about it though, this is probably the perfect time to write about this. I am the type of person who most people would probably look at and think “what…