My Christmas Wishlist

I have always felt weird making a Christmas wishlist even as a kid because I never really wanted much or it wasn’t stuff people wanted to get me. I am a through and through planner and nerd. I have loved books my entire life and I have planned for the “future” ever since I was like five. How many kids do you know that would rather save money than go buy a new toy? It’s probably not many. If you are wondering how I made money as a kid, I go into jewelry making and was selling what I made to neighbors and even in a small hair salon for a very short period of time. This might lead you to beg the question of what gifts have I been asking to receive for Christmas. 

To give you some idea, here is a short list of some of the items I have asked for as either Christmas gift or a birthday present in the last couple of years:

  • Books
  • Pots and Pans
  • Toaster
  • Nutribullet 
  • Laundry Drying Rack

As you can tell those all seem like super fun and exciting gifts to ask for, but they are what I needed and somewhat wanted. I personally would rather receive an item I need rather than an item I want because I’ll likely continue to use the item I needed and become uninterested in the gift I wanted. This doesn’t mean I only put things I need on my Christmas list because eventually, it is not fun for the giver to give laundry detergent for example. So I guess I should tell you what is on my Christmas wishlist this year huh?

The first item and by far the most expensive item on my list is a quality record player/turntable. I had always loved this vintage trend before it became a trend. I used to shoot film, and now the popularity of Polaroids has allowed me to shoot Polaroids instead which is a lot easier to develop. There is something about holding an item in your hands opposed to everything being digital, and I love the undertones heard with a record player not heard through headphones or a stereo. I also wouldn’t mind being gifted a record or two.

Source: Audio Technica

The second item on my list is an earring holder. I had made one using a picture frame and lace, and it worked well for a few years, but it broke a couple months ago. So one similar to this one seems cute as heck and hopefully won’t break on me. Hopefully, I can find something larger.

Slide View: 1: Aila Earring Organizer
Source: Urban Outfitters

I also have about 5 different cardigans on my Christmas list. I know, seriously, I know this is a lot of cardigans but my style can kind of be summed up with cardigans. I love layers, and I love being comfy when walking to and from class while still looking somewhat good and the best way I have found to do that is by wearing cardigans. I have no problem paying for quality items but clothes are expensive to me regardless and so buying clothes can be a luxury to me sometimes. Here are some similar ones to the ones on my list: 

This semester has taken a toll on me and one of the first things I didn’t have time for way going to the gym, but I would try to work out at home which worked for a while and then the bands I was using stretched out and weren’t working as well. Eventually, the semester became harder, and I abandoned exercising altogether, but I want to get back to working out this semester, and so I put a new set of thigh/booty bands on my wishlist. 

Source: Victorem

I am going to sound like a crazy person to some of you all reading this right now, but I have never had my hair curled until this year, and I loved it so much that I put a curling wand on my list. I feel a slight need to explain myself,  have curly hair, and I guess I had always figured it would look similar, but I was so mistaken. Big loose curls are absolutely nothing like the wavy, curly mix of hair I have, and I love the way my hair looks curled now.


Kentucky can also get a lot colder than you think and walking to class every day a beanie was a must and has been for a while but I’ve honestly just been too lazy to go get one. So, I added an adorable beanie from Love Your Melon to my list. I love this brand because they donate 50% of your purchase to Pediatric cancer. So if you are looking for a beanie, scarf, blanket or even mittens, please consider checking out this brand!

Source: Pura Vida Bracelets 

Other than gift cards, the last items on my list are these two face masks from Little Barn Apothecary. The first is the coconut ash + earth deep cleansing mask and the second is the passion fruit + rose enzymatic face mask. I have been in search of good natural skin care products, and after hearing excellent reviews I decided to try out a sample my friend had, and these are great, I highly recommend. They are so great that I may have asked for multiples of each face mask, don’t judge lol.

I need more ideas, what items are on your Christmas list? Leave it down below.

~Madison Eran~


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  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    I usually ask for stuff I need which makes Christmas gifts a lot easier haha!

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