How to Stop Overeating During the Holidays

Every year the holidays come around and with it a lot of emotions. For a variety of reasons, these may lend themselves to excitement and nostalgia or to stress and overwhelm. Food is often a focal point of the holiday season which for many can make it that much more stressful and difficult to navigate. Here are a few tips that can help set you up for success this holiday season.

Don’t Let Scarcity Control You

This mindset of scarcity is what prompts us to eat at much as we possibly can due to the belief that we won’t have access to it again. This often leaves us feeling uncomfortably full, without leftovers, and possibly stressed that we overate yet again. Just know that we have all been there. I have found it helpful to remember that these delightful holiday dishes will come back again next year or even at the next holiday get-together. Oftentimes, if you only consume how much you want as opposed to how much you feel you “need,” there will be leftovers waiting for you to take home.

Other options include asking your friend or family member for the recipe. By asking for the recipe or looking for a similar recipe to recreate, you have the option to make it again. Additionally, these amazing holiday delights don’t have to be confined to the holidays. Feel free to make some of your favorite recipes throughout the year.

Eat Mindfully

Throughout the holidays there never seems to be a shortage of both lackluster and truly divine treats and dishes. There always seem to be old cookies left in the breakroom or some less-than-delightful desserts available in the hospital and school cafeteria. There are also those mouth-watering dishes and treats such as mom’s homemade sweet potato casserole or grandmother’s homemade taffy.

If we are being honest with ourselves there is no need to pick up much less even look at those less-than-delightful items when they will never satisfy the want for those scrumptious treats and dishes. Stick to the items you really want and forget the rest. I have found this to be one of the best ways not to overeat during the holiday season.

Seek Balance

For many, the holiday season includes an uptick in social engagements and parties. This comes with a lot of indulgent dishes that make it easy to slip into a diet centered on overindulgence in these delectable goodies. I find it particularly helpful to be mindful of my event calendar and intentionally consume a more nourishing nutrient-dense meal before or after said social commitment. I also feel much better when I balance out the heaviness of the food at many gatherings with a more vegetable-forward meal. Now with that being said, this is now always the case and I don’t believe every single time you consume something more indulgent that it has to be balanced with something healthier.

The Gist

If you establish balance, mindfulness, and intention you can help to curb overeating during the holiday season. Taking it one step at a time opposed to introducing everything at once will help to make the effects more long-lasting. We all know good things take time, so just enjoy the process, and even more so be sure to enjoy the holidays.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

~Madison Eran~


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