7 Ways to Get Into a Healthy Routine

Are you looking for a refresh in your life? These 7 tips will help you to find ways to get yourself into a healthy routine.

The Marvelous Mediterranean Diet

As a college student, I have noticed many college students and young twenty-somethings like myself think we are invincible. This is not the case, but consuming a healthful diet can help us to live longer.  As a college student studying nutrition and dietetics with plans of becoming a dietitian in the future, people tend to…

Ground Meat and Veggie Bibimbap Recipe

This has become a recipe I am absolutely obsessed with. I actually made is three times this past week aka I have problems. It is also super simple and because I prep individual ingredients on Sunday night I can throw this together super quick. Enough with my rambles, here is the recipe: Makes 2 medium-large…

4 Things to Do on Sunday for a More Productive Week

Someone I have slowly learned over the past couple years is that Sunday is really the first day of my week and it should be the first day of your week too! Sunday is a day to get things done so that the rest of the week can be as easy and relaxing as possible….