Healthy & Wholesome Habits to Improve Your Life

Have you been looking for new healthy, wholesome, and beneficial habits to start incorporating into your life then keep on reading! Creating wholesome habits is a wonderful way to improve your health, your happiness, and your whole life. While we all have a lot on our schedules and just a lot going on in life in general, creating healthy beneficial habits is a huge step towards living and more happy and wholesome life

Be In Nature

Just 10 minutes can have drastic effects on so many aspects of your life. Being exposed to nature has been proven to have benefits ranging from better mood, lower stress, improved attention, and much more.1 There are so many ways to enjoy being outside whether it be taking a walk, a bike ride, gardening, or water sports if you have that as an option.

Drink Water First Thing in The Morning

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard this but I hope that it will be the last time you have to hear it. Your body is roughly 60% water, thus your body needs water to function. When you sleep you go on an average of 8 hours without water while you are sleeping, you wake up somewhat dehydrated. So drink water before you have whatever your morning fuel is.

Practice Gratitude

Writing down just a few things each day that you are grateful for will slowly change your perspective. As a previously pessimistic person, I have found that writing down just three things on my phone or my planner has dramatically changed my view of the world. I am so much more positive and overall just a happier person because of this one-minute daily habit. If you take no other recommendation from this post, let it be this one because I think you will find it to have the most profound impact.

Stand Up/Move Regularly

As someone who can sit a good amount of the day, I have found it to be so important to get up or at least stand up every hour. Many different research articles have found that moving for about 3 minutes every 30 minutes can lead to improved mood, increased energy, higher metabolism, increased concentration, improved posture, and increased blood flow. Ways to move throughout your workday include taking trips to get water, having conversations in person, or trying to spread out your reasons, whatever they may be, to get up throughout the day if possible.

Cook Meals Often

Cooking is so beneficial for your health as you are in control of what ingredients you are using and the portions you are provided. Cooking also happens to be excellent for your wallet as we are often able to make meals for as little as 3-5$ per portion. I also find that for me cooking is a way to wind down at night and just enjoy the process. There is also something special when you are able to incorporate ingredients that you have grown yourself even if it is just herbs.

Read Daily

There are so many scientifically backed benefits to reading. Some of these include that it is a stress reducer, it aids in sleep readiness, increased vocabulary, and has the potential to prevent cognitive decline with age. I also love to switch between fiction and nonfiction. Fiction books improve my creativity and can offer a joyful escape to versions of life we will never experience. Nonfiction books on the other hand increase my knowledge of various subjects and often help me to achieve both personal and business goals.

Take a Regular Phone/Social Media Breaks

I am sure many of you are like me and spend more time on our phones than we would like. Let me ask you this: have you ever found yourself in an app without even meaning to? This was a wake-up call for me as I would regularly find myself on Instagram without even thinking about it after I responded to a text or an email.

Take Mini Vacations

This is a tip I discovered more out of need than by choice. For the last several years my husband and I’s schedules nor our budget have allowed several long vacations in a year probably like many of you. We as people I find not only desire a break every once in a while, but we truly do need breaks. This is why mini vacations are so wonderful. Simply taking a long weekend twice a year or quarterly if you are able to can dramatically improve your mood, creativity, motivation and so much more for weeks to come. A mini vacation could even just be taking the weekend to make time for self-care, spending time with friends and family, or making time for activities that simply bring you joy!

Journal Daily

Let’s end on my favorite wholesome habit which is journaling. I am naturally a person who enjoys documenting my life and my thought or feelings. I find that it is such a big stress reliever and mood enhancer. If I have had a particularly hard day journaling my thoughts down makes me feel so much lighter emotionally. This also doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out habit. You can write down 3-5 things you are grateful for or thoughts you had that day and it will still achieve the same effect.

That’s a wrap on the healthy and wholesome habits that I hope you will incorporate into your life. I hope you found these habits helpful, as these habits have dramatically changed my life in such profound ways! I would love to hear what habits have been the most impactful in your life.

As always, I hope you have a happy and wholesome day!


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