10 Easy Things to Get Rid of in 2023 | Decluttering Challenge

Hello, spring cleaning! With the change in seasons comes the desire to change your life and environment. I love having a fresh and clean home and spring always intensifies that desire for me. Decluttering is my first step in a full-blown spring cleaning session as there is no reason to constantly be cleaning something you no longer need or want. This list contains all of the junk and clutter we all likely have and somehow never use or need. So let’s start cleaning out our homes and implying our life so it can be much more happy and wholesome.

Get out your garbage bags, recycling bins, and donation boxes y’all cause we are about to get started.

Expired/extra makeup and skincare

More than likely you have more makeup and skincare products than you will ever need. I have also held on to makeup products that I have tried and didn’t absolutely love in case I ever changed my mind or I needed it. Newsflash that will never happen and your first reactions are usually pretty indicative of whether or not you will like it. If you bought a product and never used it but it isn’t expired I would highly recommend offering it to friends or a collection/donate box at your church or women’s center.

Extra Hangers

This is a two-for-one as you will prevent yourself from accumulating too much clothing. Or pick a certain amount of hangers you will allot yourself and only allow yourself that amount of hanging clothing items.

Books You Will Never Read Again

I have been an avid reader for a long time but when I was a teenager, I totally ignored the existence of libraries and so I would buy pretty much every single book I read. I certainly have some books that I intend to read again, or I have kept loaning out to friends, but if I have read it, and don’t plan on re-reading it, it has to go. All of these books will be passed on to friends, neighbors, my local library, and the thrift stores so that someone else can have the joy of reading it too!

Appliances & Tools You No Longer Use

While it can be so incredibly tempting to keep something because you paid money for it, it will only become a time waster by having to find a place for it, dig around it, and so forth. So that Instapot, air fryer, griddle, vacuum, or whatever else it may be, needs to go if it doesn’t benefit you to have it in your home anymore.

Clothes That Don’t Fit or You No Longer Wear

There can already be too many decisions as to what to wear when you are getting ready, do yourself a favor and donate all of those clothes that no longer fit the way you’d like them to, are no longer your style, or clothes that have reached their life expectancy and are falling apart. I promise you will be doing yourself a favor each and every morning by cleaning out your closet.

Home Decor You Now Dislike

Your space is a reflection of you and if your old decor now longer is a reflection of you and your family, it is time to get rid of it. It is completely normal for your style to change as you evolve as a person. So that home decor item you have held onto since your college days has more than likely reached it’s exploration date in terms of your personal style. Get rid of old items so that what you are left with a home that is peaceful, comforting, and most importantly a reflection of you thereby bringing yourself joy.

Old Documents and Anything in Your Junk Drawer You Haven’t Used or Needed in the Last Several Years

It is all too easy for old tax papers, receipts, and even expired coupons to pile up over the years. You obviously saved them with the best intentions, but at this point they just have to go!

Tupperware/ Food Storage Without Lids

Don’t ask me where the lids go because I will never know. I just assume at this point the lids were discarded for one reason or another, or just maybe there is a goblin in the dishwasher stealing lids, who knows… But what I do know is that the likelihood of myself using a food storage container that no longer has a lid to accompany it is slim to no. Thus, it needs to go so we don’t have to always dig through the tubberware in search of a lid that doesn’t exist anymore.

Excess Cables/Cords

If you don’t know what it goes to, toss it! Obviously if you live with other people, double check with them that it isn’t some long long cord they have been searching for, but if it is not, get rid of it. Stop giving yourself the headache of debating if this cord belongs to something important, because if it did it would be with in and not strewn about in your drawers.

Expired Food in Your Pantry or Fridge

We all buy food with the best intentions to eat it. Sometimes though we end up with a fridge full of expires sauces and condiments that are blocking you from finding and using those that are still good. If at all possible, stop buying spices that are a one off for a recipe because more often that not, there is a suitable replacement for it.

Thank you guys for reading! As always, I hope you have a happy and wholesome day.


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