Midyear New Year’s Resolution Check In

About six months ago, along with about 90% of the world, I made New Years Resolutions, but I think of them more as goals. If you think of your resolutions as goals you don’t feel as defeated when you accidentally break one of life hits you like a brick wall. I haven’t maintained “resolution status” with my goals but I have made considerable improvements on most.

Resolution one: Journal Everyday

This one hasn’t been perfect, but whenever I didn’t feel as though I had anything worth journaling, I would write three words that described my day in my planner. So I would give myself about a 7/10 on this one

Resolution two: Drink at least 100 ounces of water everyday

Okay for something so seemingly simple there are so many times in which this has gone wrong. For example, there have been days where I had very limited access to restrooms and so the logical side of me just said screw it because I am not using the restroom outside or going to cause myself pain by holding it in for too long. Other wise I am drinking at least 6 large glasses of water a day which puts me around the 100 ounce mark. So I give myself a 8/10.

Resolution three: Post on here once a week.

I am proud to say that I have posted on my blog at least once a week if not twice a week this year so far. I even challenged myself to post everyday for two weeks this week and last week and I have almost accomplished that! So I give myself a 10/10.

Resolution four: Work out at least 3x week

Looking back I should have made this one more specific because I have started to count walks as a workout. Before you start judging lol can I at least say that these walks have all been at least 30 minutes long and some as long as an hour and a half… I’ll stop trying to plead my case now, but I usually get about one honest workout in a week. So this is a major work in profess at a 4/10 and that might be generous.

Resolution four: Be a better Christian

This included going to church weekly and reading the Bible more. I have been all over the place and so lately my attendance at church has been virtual. I am proud of this because I still made put forth the effort to attend church despite being unable to attend the physical church service. As far as reading my Bible goes, I have no self will and so I downloaded a daily bible/sermon app which has helped me keep true to my word here. 8/10

Resolution five: Be more grateful and appreciative

This was a work in progress at first but has actually made me a happier person for the most part. There are time where it is hard but there is always something good in everyday. 8/10

Resolution six and seven: Stop complaining and stop cussing

Everyone has their fallouts and these happen to be mine. Complaining is and was especially deeply rooted as a part of me so I am having to majorly work this one out over time. I have start to catch myself when I’m getting in the headspace where I want to complain and right as I’m about to do it which is a step in the right direction. My cussing came along with the complaining much of the time and so that has thankfully been very much reduced. I think I have to give myself a 7/10 for the both of these because I have made a lot of improvement, there just happens to be more to go.

Resolution eight: Volunteer more

I am a happy to say that I am making well on this resolution as I am volunteering at a camp for kids with specials needs, disabilities, and chronic diseases. From training alone these kids have already taught me valuable lessons and I cannot wait to spend two weeks with more kids.

Resolution nine: Plan my day in advance

This was going beautifully until summer hit and I was trying to get some final affairs in order and so I couldn’t really plan much of anything. I ended up resorting to a to do list for tasks but I ended up getting off track because one of my impressive skills in life is my tendency to get sidetracked sometimes.

Resolution ten: Only watch a half hour of YouTube a day

This one is going well if you don’t count the times when I am listening/ halfway watching a video while I am getting other things done such as the dishes. So I’ll give it a solid 6/10.

Resolution eleven: Strive for all A’s

I worked my fricking butt off for one of my classes this past semester but getting an A was just not a possibility in the end. I did earn all A’s otherwise and so my goal for this coming semester at college is to get a 4.0.

Resolution twelve: Clean up messes as I make them

So this goal is going already other than with clothes. Hopefully I’m not a disgusting human being, but sometimes I quite literally wore something for an hour and did nothing in it so I don’t wash it. But for some reason I refuse to put it back here it belongs because I guess leaving it out is my way of knowing it has already been worn once. Please let me know if you so this too lol

Resolution thirteen: Stop getting in my own way

I would say I am making progress but this is yet another goal/resolution that is going to take time. I have said yes to experiences I would have otherwise said no to because it was out of my comfort zone or because I was being a tightwad. So I am finally going to attend my first music festival this fall along with attending a separate concert!

There you have it! That was my midyear check in. If you made resolutions or goals please let me know what yours were and how you are doing!

Have a wonderful day!

~Madison Eran~

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  1. emilyryann says:

    This is so awesome! I’ve never seen a resolution check in. I love it, brilliant idea!😀 I’d love it if you checked out my blog: https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/

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