How to Get Over a Sickness

It’s starting to look a lot like sickmas… excuse me Christmas. With the cold weather rolling in so are the colds and other sicknesses that can make it break the season. I’ve been sick on and off for about a month now (yayy for that college life) and I’ve happened to pick up some tips along the way.

Also, if you noticed that I have been super MIA, being sick for so long I’m the midst of the end of the semester and finals kind of really messed up my posting schedule. Actually, I can’t even say it messed it up, it just put and end to it end of story… so I’m am very sorry about that BUT to make it up to you all I am going to try to best to do Blogmas! I love Christmas and I want to write and post all of the ideas I had while I’ve been gone and I’m a way play catch up.

Anyways, let’s get back to what this post is all about, how do you get over a sickness/ make it the least miserable it can be.

So my first tip is to get plenty of fluids. Fluids help so much and considering your body is pretty much made up of water, getting plenty of fluids helps it to keep running the best it can.

My second tip is to rest as much as possible. This is certainly harder said than done and trust me I can attest to this. But seriously, please I beg of you to squeeze in as much rest as you can into your busy schedule, your body needs to heal.

Warm liquids are your friend especially if you are congested. This is kind of a duh statement since your mom most likely fed you soup as a kid when you were sick but nonetheless, warm liquids help you to decongest.

This next one I’m sure it the last thing any of us want to do when sick but for some reason it seems to help and that is to get some form of a moderate exercise in. For most of my life, I’ve worked out or did some kind of exercise when sick and it has really helped to make it go away faster.

As a nutrition major I can’t help but spewing out nutrition related advice. I am not licensed to give advice so this is just from personal experience but “eating the rainbow” and consuming fruits and vegetables seems like the way to go. Fruit and vegetables especially when in an array of colors are packed full of various antioxidants that can help your cold or sickness to go away faster.

If you noticed medicine is not on here that’s because medicine is not my first line of defense against a cold or a sickness. I’m not saying that medicine is bad and depending on what you have it may be needed but I would suggest to consult a doctor first to determine what you have and only take the medicine if necessary. If you take medicine such as antibiotics when not needed it can increase the chance you become resistant to them and when in real need of the antibiotics they may have become useless.

Those are the tips I’ve picked up throughout the past month, there are more I could list but some are not proven whether they really work or not. So, these are my main tips to help get over most colds and sicknesses. I hope you all won’t need my advice and have Merry Christmas opposed to a sickmas.

Have a great and wonderful day wherever you are, I would love to know where you all are from so leave a comment down below!

~Madison Eran~

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  1. I love the idea of Blogmas…nice.

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    1. Just M.E. says:

      Thanks! I’ve had so many ideas for posts I my head with no time to post them so I figured might as well post them now! Thanks for reading!

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