Getting Back on Track ~Making Progress and Overcoming Shortfalls~

This probably seems quite ironic coming from the person who hasn’t posted on here since spring and newsflash to everyone that hasn’t visited their local coffee shop, the fall drinks are out, so that must mean its fall! The truth is, I have wrote posts but they didn’t really feel like they were “me” or content that I wanted to put out for you guys. There are certainly some posts I will likely want to post in the future, but I want to make sure I’m writing content that actually helps you or impacts your life some way.

With that said, I will only be posting on Sundays. I enjoy pushing myself to do more and be better but I think I crossed a line last year that I wasn’t prepared to cross. I was feeling exhausted, constantly stressed, and as though I was constantly letting myself and possibly others down. I am working on only biting off as much as I can chew so I will only be posting one blog a week.

Now, to get into the topic of today’s blog post, I am talking all about getting back on track. The first step in this process is to forgive yourself. You won’t make the progress you want to make if you just keep getting down on yourself for something that already happened. Just let it go and move on so you can start crushing your goals. By the way to those of you who are rolling your eye’s saying this chick is so dumb or this is so stupid, I was you and as much as you don’t think you need to forgive yourself, you really do.

Then once you’ve forgiven yourself, figure out what motivates you. If its working out, what do you want to get back to? Running 3 miles? Being able to do a pull up or 20? Maybe its school that you want to be better at, does the grade motivate you? Your GPA? The ability to know you 100% on a test or project? Whatever it is in whatever area of life, define it. Then once you know what you are working towards, write them down! Write down specific and attainable goals. Then tape them up somewhere you will see them everyday. For me, this is on my desk, in my bathroom, and in my closet. These are areas that I am 100% guaranteed to see everyday or else I’ll be walking around naked and smelly lol and no body wants to be that person.

I also think that it is incredibly important to know that you won’t always see results straight away especially if it is something like fitness. Just because you can see results doesn’t mean they aren’t there, it just means it’s too early to see them.

“It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.”

~Mike Rawlings

If it got too hard to achieve your goal and you fell off the bandwagon and missed a day of working out or forget to turn in an assignment, it’s okay. Dust yourself off and get back on track. The worst thing you can do is have one slip up and just call yourself a total failure and quit whatever you were doing. It is like a person on a diet that has one slice of cake and because they had one slice of cake, they say screw it and eat another sliced because they already messed up. Stop throwing yourself a freaking pity party and just accept that you had a slip up and get back to slaying your goals. Is one slip up really worth quitting on yourself all together? I don’t think so.

From personal experience, the first two weeks are generally the hardest when you are trying to get back on track and make new habits. The third and fourth week become a little bit easier because you have already been making changes for two weeks. One the first month is down, you should be feeling freaking amazing because you just changed your habits 12th of a year and for about half as long as it takes for something to become a habit. I’m sure you have probably heard this before, but it takes around two months for something to become a habit.

I also have a list of 6 simple ways to help get back on track:

1. Take a walk. Don’t measure your speed or distance, just walk and let yourself think about all of the things you push to the back of your mind. By thinking about life and reflecting on it, you have the ability to see what needs changes.

2. Call or meet up with someone who makes you smile. I don’t care if you haven’t talked for awhile, call whoever this person is that you connecting with and who lifts you up when you are down. Maybe you don’t have to call them, maybe you live near them and if that’s the case, meet up with them!

3. Change your measuring system. If you are overwhelmed with being “busy” or you measure your day by how much you get done (hi that was me) try measuring more by what’s sitting on your heart and less by what you “have” to get done. Living life by a to-do list that has more items to get done in a day than there are days in the month is not healthy!

4. Create boundaries. By creating boundaries, things that distract us from what matters wont get as much attention, and we begin to become more present in what matters most to us.

5. Simplify. Get rid of something, lots of somethings. I have slowly learned the value in minimalism because having a bunch of items leads to chaos and not just chaos in a room but chaos of your mind.

6. Be inspired. Find books, blogs, YouTubers, or any other sources of inspiration to help you get back on track

These are things that I have learned from my numerous failures this year and what has helped me to get back on track. I really hope this helps and I hope you have an amazing day!

~Madison Eran~

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