The Power of “I want to see…”

I feel like all I’ve been writing and posting is surface level stuff that doesn’t really do anything other than satisfy the need to scroll through a few pictures or personal opinions. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed writing those posts and the content they were about because that’s who I am and that’s what I enjoy. When I first created my blog, I wanted to help people and for my posts to actually mean something. Sometimes a post might bring a smile to someone’s face or just bring brief entertainment, but I want to write about something deeper, something more… at least on occasion.

If you made it past my rambling, congrats!You also most likely read the title and questioned what the heck am I even talking about. Well, I am talking about believing in yourself even when you don’t. I am a very critical person and sometimes to my own detriment. I have self-talked myself to a place where I questioned my ability in everything I was doing, constantly comparing myself to others, fearing I was messing up everything in my life. I said NO MORE!

There is no reason for anyone to not believe in themselves because if you don’t then why would anyone else. My mom used to tell me “if you don’t believe that your shit doesn’t stink, then there is no way you are going to convince someone else that your shit doesn’t stink either.” It might be a bit brash, but it gets the message out. Everyone has their downfalls or reasons “why not” aka your “shit.” Say you are in a job interview and your interviewer asks what your weaknesses are, you have to be able to give an honest answer but still find some small reason as to why those are too your benefit. You have to believe in yourself so that you will convince others to believe in you too! Aka, believe you are a bad ass and others will believe so too and treat you as such.

How have I slowly began to trick my brain into believing I’m a bad ass?? It was by telling myself that I just want to see. By telling yourself “I just want to see,” you give yourself the option to push through whatever you are struggling with. Take working out for example, most people can’t lift twice their weight on the first try. It is something you have to work up to. By telling yourself “I just want to see if I can lift 5 more pounds” and then doing that everytime you’ve passed the previous goal you set for yourself, eventually you can work up to lifting twice your weight. If you choose to do so that is. Giving yourself that opportunity to just see if you can do it opens you up to a world of opportunities!

This mindset is one I think we should all adopt…

Fail a test, I want to see if I can do better on the next one, actually, I want to see if I can get an A.

Get dumped, I want to see if I can learn to live alone again and enjoy it.

Stressed (aka me on a weekly daily basis), I want to see if I can find small ways throughout the day to be productive but still stay sane and make the most of my day.

I want to see if I can save enough money to travel the world.

I want to see…

Its just 4 little words, 5 if you want to throw a “just” in there, but they have the ability to change your life. By saying “I want to see,” you are giving yourself a goal without putting much pressure on yourself and adding more unnecessary stress. I encourage everyone who reads this to just try this out just once and see what you accomplish. Let me know how it goes! I bet you will be happier with what you find yourself capable of, I know I did.

I hope this meant something,

~Madison Eran~

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