Launching Life Made Wholesome

Hi there and welcome back! It’s nice to have you here if you are new. My name is Madison and this is my blog Life Made Wholesome. For all of you who knew me before as Madison Eran, the blog will continue to maintain much of the essence of its original content, however, I have grown much in the past two years and so has the content I want to write about. I hope you can understand as we all grow throughout life, especially from being a teenager to a college student and now an adult with a job and a husband. What can expect from me and this blog moving forward? You can expect content relating to living a wholesome life. I define this as living a life that is founded on and promotes a sense of health and well-being of mind, body, and soul. I believe that when we work to create a life that balances all of these aspects, we can begin to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Like most of you, I don’t want to look back and have a multitude of regrets that could have been mitigated if I made small changes to the way I am living my life to create the life I desire. I also believe that it is important to note that each person will have their unique balance regarding mind, body, and soul. What I may find fulfilling and awe-inspiring others might not. For example, traveling and seeking out new experiences are not everyone’s cup of tea. I would be more than happy to be traveling or trying something new every single weekend while another may simply prefer to stay home and read a good book. What fills up one person’s soul may not satiate another’s and to me, that is a beautiful thing. So, from here on out you can expect topics that are aimed at making a life that is fulfilling and healthful for your mind, body, and soul. This will include topics that address different ways of living such as minimalism or slow living, delving into the need for reflection, ways to expand your current knowledge base, and so much more.  I will discuss ways to take care of your body through nutrition, provide you with recipes, and resources to take care of your body. I will touch on ways to take care of your soul whether it be through adventuring, practicing gratitude and contentedness, or just taking the time to breathe and rest. Lastly, I intend to address any topic I believe related to promoting a wholesome lifestyle. I hope you can take ideas from my perspective and translate them into your own life, especially if my perspective is different from yours. For those who have different perspectives, I would love to hear and learn from them in the comments and build a community centered on growth and embracing diversity. As always, I hope you have a lovely day! ~ Madison Eran P.S. Sunflowers are said to represent focus, healing, and warmth with their symbolisim extending to embody longevity, good fortune, vitality, intelligence and happiness. All of these things I hope you find and create for yourself.

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